All About Tests (updated)

Driver Knowledge Practice Test
Haven't got your L's yet? The Driver Knowledge Online Computer Test is the place to start. Practice the test online before you book your knowledge test at the RMS to get your L license. Download IPhone or Android App online.

Build Your Hazard Perception Skills
Be prepared when you go for your Green P's by refreshing your hazard perception skills. This link provides useful tutorials on judging safe stopping distances, safe gaps when turning, and scanning for hazards when driving.

Driver Qualification Test - DQT
This test is taken by drivers who are looking to obtain their full drivers licence. This page can help you to prepare for the final test before you will be granted unrestricted licence.

Book Online Your Driving Tests
This service allows you to book online your Driver Knowledge Test, Driving Test, Hazard Perception Test, or Driver Qualification Test.




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