Test Procedures

Arriving at the RMS

  • Report at the RMS test counter without calling on you 15 minutes before the test time.
  • All required documents must be submitted to the testing officer at the RMS test counter.
  • Accompanying unrestricted license driver or your instructor must be with you.


If you have a drivers licence issued in another state, territory or country, you need to bring this licence with you. If your overseas licence is not in English you must also bring an official translation, from either the Ethnic Affairs Commission (NSW) or the Translating and Interpreting Service of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, you will also need identification and a Passport, and all documents must be original.

Log Book

  • You must submit your log book.
  • All tasks are to be signed including night's drive hour's, motorway hours and the driving in adverse conditions hours.
  • If over 25 yo - no need for a log book.

Before The RMS Test

Park your car in the allocated RMS site for driving tests, read the signs at the RMS car park, ensuring that all parking requirements are met, such as parking rear to kerb or front to kerb sign. Proceed to the RMS office and report to the tests counter,

  • The testing officer will prepare all for your driving test.
  • The testing officer will ask you what is the number plate of the test's car and where is the accompanying driver with unrestricted licence.
  • The accompanying driver / instructor must submit his/her license for a check.
  • Then you will follow to your car with the testing officer only.
  • The accompanying driver must wait until the test is completed in order to drive with you back if you fail the test.
  • Testing officer will then check if your vehicle is roadworthy.
  • Once in the vehicle you must make sure that you have your seat belt correctly on, also mirrors and seat adjusted.
  • Then the testing officer will ask you to start the car and drive out of the RMS parking site.
  • Your test has started - take care and try not to panic, stay cool and focused.
  • And remember that you always will have another chance to pass.
  • There are only a few who will pass the first time!


  • Make sure you know where all the controls are: for example - wipers, lights, turn indicator, heater demister, horn etc.
  • Make sure that, when is raining, you use your wipers and air-conditioner.
  • If you will have to be told to switch on your wipers you will fail the test.
  • Remember to check for any warning lights that still could be on, like hand brake light, the seat belt light, door light, etc.


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